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We've seen them come and go - the 'Va Va Voom' dresses. The most talked about frocks in history causing shockwaves through the fashion world creating a frenzy on the streets.

Now, there's a new dress on the block and its creating a stir for completely different reasons.

"I guess the real main difference about the Power dress is that it's a structural masterpiece, in that it gives women a waist and it flares out over the hips and the butt so it covers the areas that women don't really want to show off" says Kerrie McCallum, editor of In Style magazine.

Dubbed the 'Miracle Dress', it promises to pull your body in, creating all the right curves in the all the right places so successful, at creating the heavenly body, its been called "lipo in a dress".

The secret of the dresses transforming qualities is its fabric.

"The fabrics are thick and it holds the body in shape, beautiful structured lines" says designer Natasha Gan "it's like the old corsets, do you know what I mean it holds all the body into shape."

The Power Dress was designed by the hot new duo, Preen and has been the latest accessory on the red carpets of Hollywood since its release.

This is the closest you will get to the Power Dress in Australia. Fashion designer, Natasha Gan has designs inspired by the power dress.

"Firstly with this it's still that strong silhouette and also with the strapping here we've done this strapping so that it's a really nice line but also slimming on you, with the bust it's all darted and everything which makes your bustline look a lot more sharper and then with the bottom of it we've got panels which does the line on your body which makes you look slimmer" explains Natasha.

The dresses are so popular, Natasha has already sold 5000 locally which is not surprising when you consider she sells them for a fraction of the price of the designer originals.

Now while this little number is creating a frenzy on the streets of Paris and New York, will the look work for the average Australian woman?

"I think that's going to be the it dress for summer, and you'll probably find that shape in a lot of stores" says Kerrie McCallum.

"With this dress from size 6 to size 16, every girl will look good in it" adds Natasha Gan.

For the Preen Power dress:
Harlequin Market
94a Oxford Street, Paddington NSW 2021
Ph: (02) 9357 4433
Available on request.
Approximately $2000

For Natasha Gan:
For your nearest stockist visit: or
phone (02) 9517 1995.