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Up to one third of us now suffer from sleep disorders. It's hitting almost epidemic proportions ranking with obesity, smoking, drinking and illicit drugs as a serious health issue.

Dr Reza Samvat's research has shown lack of sleep is related to depression, learning difficulties, mood swings, poor work and many other issues.

Paul Lediaev's snoring was so bad it shook the walls and put a strain on his marriage, his health and his cleaning business.

It's also an increasing problem among kids.

Basha Viartar and Ben McDeed took their children baby Amelie and seven-year-old Phillip to naturopath Dr Samvat's sleep clinic.

There are all sorts of treatments and remedies. From wearing oxygen masks, to mouth surgery, they have a varying degree of success but Reza Samvat's approach is totally natural.

"We look at the structure of spine, skull, hormones; anything that can contribute to problem of sleep apnoea."

Reza says there's usually an 80% improvement in most cases he sees.

With children, their sleep problems could also be the result of some kind of head trauma. Reza uses a form of head massage to treat them.

"All we do is gentle pressure that puts pressure on bones on skull. Skull extremely gentle, very powerful outcome and results many thousands of kids treated in last 15 years here and around world."

Adults need at least eight hours of sleep a night. With children it's around ten. Reza says a balanced nutritional diet is also essential in getting a good night's sleep.

"Diet is important, what we eat at night prepares us for good night sleep. Wrong food, bad night sleep. Right food, good and healthy sleep."

Reza's advice is keep kids away from computer games, television or excessive noise before bedtime, and avoid dinners with high starchy content.

"They have a tendency to hype up the system so prevents children from falling asleep because when they have these foods they get this surge of energy, now ready to tackle the world and we want to put them to sleep."

Reza warns people shouldn't be complacent´┐Żyawning or dozing off at work could be the beginning of a silent killer.

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