Solar Shambles


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The axe is about to fall on solar power incentives and it's generating a lot of panic.

Cheaper power bills maybe but at what cost?

We reveal the hidden dangers in going solar... There's the botched installations, cheap imported systems and warranties that might not be worth the paper it's written on as many fly-by-night companies face their last chance at a grab for cash.

For pensioners David Turner, he was expecting to be reaping the benefits of going green at his Elizabeth Downs home but just a few months after the installation, the cracks started to appear in his system... literally!

The company was at a loss to explain the mysterious marks and eventually David's panels were replaced, but that only exposed more problems.

Cables were left hanging and un-earthed and it turns out the wrong inverters were installed leaving him with only half the power.

David's daughter fared worse... her installation had an even more glaring fault... panels hanging over the roof-top.

For Aberfoyle Park mum Joanna Wotton, her solar system wasn't the problem. Unbeknownst to the Wottons, the installers forgot to replace tiles on top of the garage, leaving the area exposed to the elements all through Winter.

These are not isolated problems. Consumer Affairs recently compiled the number of complaints by disaffected solar customers in South Australia and the findings were far from glowing, according to Commissioner Paul White.