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We've all heard the warnings about how many drinks we should set as a limit on a night out, but people are still confused when it comes to how much alcohol is in a standard drink.

I'm not surprised the standard drink concept is a difficult concept to get through to the community, says John Rogerson from the Australian Drug Foundation.

What confuses a lot of people is glass size.

The results of Today Tonight's own testing seem to back this up.

Of the ten people asked to pour what they thought was a standard drink into a jumbo-sized glass, each came up with a different result.

And not surprisingly, when people do misjudge how much alcohol is in a standard drink, they are usually overestimating.

It's pretty normal for your glass to be filled up half way, but I think it should be a lot more, says one drinker.

So when it comes to varying glass sizes, people are at times unaware of the amount of alcohol they are consuming. Sometimes, dangerously so.

If they have what they think is two standard drinks, that's actually around seven glasses of wine, says Rogerson.

The bigger the glass size they want to top it up and get as much alcohol as they can.

Rogerson also points out that it is easy to lose count of the number of drinks consumed when people pour drinks for themselves or friends.

When pouring drinks for your friends let them finish the glass before you repour another drink for them.

We should also be aware of the dangers of topping up drinks, which also makes it hard to keep track of the number of drinks we have had.

There's a practice we have in Australia of topping up that makes it really hard for people to count their drinks.

Of course, the best advice is to always drink in moderation.

Enjoy yourself. Have fun and monitor your drinking. When you think you might be getting to the point of too much, just have a break from it and switch to something else.

Standard drinking guidelines for all types of alcohol: