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The Sun Cube is Adelaide inventor Greg Watson's brightest idea yet. It's about to make him a very rich man and a serious global player in the renewable energy market.

"This isn't a pipe dream. We have product, have demand, financial backers. We are building a 1000 megawatt per year Sun Cube factory which will turn out three and a half million sun cubes. That's one every two seconds," Greg claims.

According to Greg it's going to create one thousand new jobs in SA alone. Not bad for something that started out as a tiny gadget made from a dog bowl and a light shade, which he called the sun ball. The gadget won him an award on the ABC's Inventors TV show.

"It looked great but the engineering didn't work. The new concept was to produce something easy, low cost to manufacture and which could be made here," he said.

So the sun cube was born.

The unit moves and follows the sun from the moment of first rising to when it sets, which means it is gathering the maximum amount of electricity, known as sun harvesting.

The harvesting will be done on solar farms. A pilot project using 100 of the cubes will soon be set up in an outback location.

"One of these units will produce 750 kilowatt hours in a year, so six will produce enough to power most South Australian houses," claims Greg.

But for now the cubes will initially be for commercial use only. Creating power for electricity utilities, Greg says his revolutionary design using new state of the art tiny solar cells 9 millionths of an inch thick giving ia a huge advantage over the traditional flat solar panels.

Greg says: "The biggest advantage we have is that one sun cube will sell for $1800. For flat plates its $4,500," and claims his company Green and Gold Energy already has a $350 million dollar order for one million cubes and will be doing business with partners in the United Sates, Israel, Spain, India and South Korea.

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