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From the Andes Mountain Range to high up in the Himalayas, they're the exotic super foods that have been used for centuries because of their antioxidant properties and nutritional value.

It's claimed they can boost the immune system, help slow down ageing, and even keep off those extra kilos.

Adelaide couple Vlad and Mel Strangar are two super foodies who became so hooked they started up their own company, Sungods Superfoods - importing exotic produce.

"We get a lot of products from Bali, Peru, the Philippines and some from Western Australia as well," says Vlad.

Vlad, Mel and raw food teacher Remedy Bliss give us an exotic super food crash course starting with an immune boosting berry.

"Goji berries, they call it the fountain of youth so people who ate goji berries they looked younger had more virility," says Vlad.

"Because their high vitamin C content they're fabulous for the immune system. In the winter period you're going to keep away colds and flu's," says Remedy.

Then there's this root vegetable, actually a herb called Maca. It's used in Peru to treat hormone imbalances and increase fertility, Mel vouches for that.

"I was trying for about 4 odd months but had too much estrogens in my body so I needed to level those hormone levels out so Maca was one of those products that could actually do that… and now 4 months pregnant… and you put it down to Maca? …absolutely," says Mel.

These tiny yellow pods are bee pollen, a super food that's meant to give you a buzz. The ancient Greeks used to use bee pollen for endurance, for remedies.

"If you suffer from hay-fever, bee pollen is what you want to take, any sniffles or stress because of vitamin B content Bee pollen is amazing for stress," says Remedy.

For those with a sweet tooth you'll be happy to hear this... you can have your chocolate and eat it too!

Cocoa is high in antioxidants and a favourite with world famous nutritionist David Wolfe.

Antioxidants protect us from DNA damage, viral damage, cancer, protect us from skin damage.

"It is considered a super food so all those things you've heard about with dark chocolate and all of the goodies that's true," says Remedy.

There are so many ways to use super foods. You could sprinkle it onto any of your muesli's to start your day, any breakfast cereal, we've got goji berries, coconut, maca, masqueite.

"These are our super food bliss balls, I've used some cacao powder, again masquite because of its multi flavour and macca has a beautiful earthy flavour and that works really well with chocolate," says Remedy.

How's this for a home made lemonade, boosted with bee pollen or you can add some super foods to a milkshake...

"Beautiful musquete milkshake and blended it with ice which is nice and refreshing, the pod is similar to a carob pod. Incredibly high in calcium and incredibly high in magnesium and so therefore fabulous for bone building, it's beautiful for diabetics because it offers that sweetness without raising blood sugar," says Remedy.

Dietician Tania Ferraretto warns people should be cautious about buying into the super food hype.

"I think people need to be wary about the claims made on some super foods. Sometimes these are very expensive products. I don't' think they're necessary but I would encourage people to eat healthy super foods like berries, yoghurts, fish, nuts whole-grains, they are things we know lots about and they are very good and important in your diet," says Tania

But these guys claim it's thanks to super foods they feel... Well, super.

Exotic superfoods are available at many organic and health food stores across Adelaide and Romeo's Foodland stores.

Sungods Superfoods

Remedy Bliss (Raw food teacher and exotic superfood stockist)

8327 1426


These power packed little wonders are something that can be eaten by the whole family everyday to keep the immune system in check and perhaps an extra one every now and again when you need a boost.
Experiment with the ingredients and change them to suit the season, your personal needs and of course your taste buds.

250g Raw Almond Butter (or nut butter of your choice)
60g Coconut butter, melted
2 T Mesquite powder
1 T Maca Powder
2 T Cacao powder
Pinch of Himalayan salt
2-3 T 'Honey Lady' Raw Honey

Place in a Food Processor and blend until it all comes

½ C Walnuts (soaked for 4 hours) and chopped
¼ C Goji Berries

Roll into balls and then roll in desiccated coconut or Raw Cacao powder (chocolate powder) or Bee Pollen.



Prepare Almond Milk first;
3 cups Filtered Water

1 cups Almonds (soaked over night)
Good pinch of Himalayan salt

• In a high speed blender, combine nuts, water and salt, blend well.
• Strain the mixture through a nut-mylk bag or a piece of Muslin cloth or a mesh strainer. Put pulp aside to use for another recipe.


• Place Freshly made Almond mylk back into blender
• Add 2 Tbsp of Mesquite Powder
• Add 1 T Raw Cacao powder
• Vanilla pod (scrape seeds out) or Vanilla extract
• 'Honey Lady' Honey to taste
• Ice Cubes blended into milkshake to give it that extra yumminess.