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It's the dental treatment providing hope to some who'd lost it.

Adelaide mum Tammy Marcotte is a different person now to the one we met nearly two months ago.

"I can express, I can physically express through my face, my smile, exactly how I'm feeling on the inside… I feel vibrant, I feel healthy… I don't have my beautiful smile anymore, nobody ever sees, it's gone," says Tammy.

While she was happy on the inside she rarely showed it.

The last time she smiled?

"Like really smiled? With all my teeth? Ummmm 15 years ago maybe," says Tammy.

It was around then that Tammy developed some serious dental problems.

"When you get a tooth pulled here it affects the other teeth that are next to it, that one will get loose, and then you'll get an infection in there and then that tooth has to come out, then you start the whole thing over again," says Tammy.

Her teeth were replaced with dentures but it wasn't the solution she wanted.

"I feel people can tell that I have the denture, I feel that I don't look my best," says Tammy.

She was searching for another option and came across the "all on four' dental procedure.

Terry French chose to get dental implants after his own teeth were beyond repair.

"They were breaking off, one by one. Until the whole top of the top teeth were vacant with teeth right to the gum line," says Terry.

Dr Arni Lidum offers the dental implants at his clinic.

"The 'all in four' is a procedure for people who simply don't want to wear dentures," says Dr Lidum.

It's a surgical treatment that's been available for several years but it's becoming more popular for people like Terry and Tammy.

Last week Tammy went in for the day surgery.

"We will remove their remaining teeth that have failed, we'll place the dental implants and take a mould at the time… while people are in the recovery area we will be busy in the laboratory making up their teeth, usually by the middle of the afternoon people are able to go home," explains Dr Lidum.

We caught up with Tammy a week later and this is what she had to say about the first time she looked in the mirror…

"I liked her before, but I really like her now, I look at my lips and I honestly, I could kiss myself all the time… beautiful, I just love it, I don't feel like I'm 51".

But a smile like this doesn't come cheap… The procedure could set you back up to 60 thousand dollars.

Terry and Tammy both agree it was well worth it.

"I can leave the house and I know I haven't left anything behind!" says Tammy.

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