Unlikely Talent


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Ever dreamed of having your name up in lights… Or earning a fortune for doing very little?

But you don't have the talent? Don't have the looks etc.

Well don't worry... Kellie Langmaid and Katie O'Mara from Unearth Talent are on a massive Australian wide hunt for people, pets and houses... To star in commercials, TV shows, films and music clips.
They claim there's mega-money to be made... With no experience needed.

Unlikely talent earnings?… pets starting at 5, 10 dollars depending on what it's airing on. House kitchen probably $1000, $2000 a day depending on the duration… tv commerials $5,000 - $10,000 minimum, photography work an hourly rate $500 - $1000 starting rate.

PETS $500-$100
HOUSE $1000-$2000
TV ADS $5000-$10000
PHOTOSHOOT $500-$1000

The process to get started seems simple enough.. 30 to 50 dollars to sign up for a year.
You pay a one off registration fee where you create a profile for yourself and upload videos of your talent.

Meet the curious French bulldog ‘Soda’. Only 8 months old and already earning an income.

To think that a dog with no talent and no skill and can’t do any special tricks - only sits when she likes to. To get paid that sort of money is just amazing. $600 to get her photo taken for a hair care product.

Blink and you'd miss her but this brief cameo in a pet food commercial scored her a 6 month supply of dog food.

It'd take a few more shoots to pay off the 3 and a half thousand dollars her owner Fran Ady spent to buy her. But she's on a roll, her takings beating the family's racehorse.

Currently as it stands we're earning more money off Soda!

"Find me an agent" is typed into Google more than 7 and half million times each month, if you're after a legitimate one you're advised to research the company, ask for examples of their work and if you're under 18 make sure you get the tick from your parent or guardian.

You could end up in Hollywood, you could end up earning a lot of money, because who knows what the brief is tomorrow.

Young Tassie girl Shania Whiteroad has real talent. 16 years old she's been singing since the age of two. Spotted on social media unearth talent owners made contact and signed her.
Last month she was flown to Hollywood on her first overseas trip to meet with Olivia Newton John's producer to record some demo tracks.

“I thought surely someone from Burnie Tasmania isn’t going to go to Hollywood for singing.” Said Shania

Coldstream Brewery - the producer of boutique beers and ciders... Are using the agency to hunt for a normal guy and girl to front their new campaign. Co-Owner Rohan Peters says there's only 1 condition you've got to like cider.
Not a bad job not a bad job at all. You get to drink beer apple cider, enjoy yourself and you’re going to get paid for it.