Walker Wedding


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In his Olympic debut, Jared Tallent wasn't expecting much more than a top eight placing. Instead, he walked straight into the record books to become the first Aussie male track athlete in over 100 years to win not one, but two medals.

Jared's girlfriend of four years, Claire Woods was there every step of the way. She lived her Olympic dream too, recording a PB in the Women's 20k Walk. "It's just been an awesome week for us and something we'll cherish forever", the couple said.

Only to be upstaged by the walk they took together a couple of weeks later. "I think I'm more nervous than what I was at the Olympics. I think for Claire it's the other way around, but definitely for me competing in the Olympics was a goal for me forever, as long as I can remember", Jared said.

And on the track they do mean business. Jared and Claire just wish others would take the sport more seriously. "You see some of the blogs and people are like oh yeah it's not a sport and shouldn't be in the Olympics. But I guess our message is we train just as hard as anyone else", Jared said.

Jared and Claire spend endless hours training each week, clocking up at least 400ks between them.

Sporting politics aside, beneath their passion for walking lies an even greater love story. Less than a week after returning home from Beijing, Jared and Claire sealed their love in her home town -- the "City of Churches. "That church really stood out as the perfect spot to tie the knot and it just happened to be in Walkerville", the couple said.

And in front of a hundred family and friends, Jared and Claire took the most important walk of their lives.

Their heads won't be in clouds for too long though. After a short honeymoon, the love birds plan to head straight back to the track, their sights set firmly on London.