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When the rare opportunity arises to save money while protecting the environment at the same time, you'd think any government would jump at the chance. Well according to an award winning Australian inventor, forward thinking governments are interested in his groundbreaking invention. The only problem is� our government isn't one of them.

And as you'll see, Canberra's lack of action is not only costing us our most precious resource � water, but its costing you hundreds of dollars extra every year.

This is the man who wants to save Australia's water supply and if you're thinking you'll be inconvenienced by his 'green' idea, listen to this. Not only will you NOT notice you're using less water, but you'll be saving on your water bill.

This is the water fuse, a computer operated water saving system. It's inventor, Geoffrey Foster, believes the unit should be installed in every Australian home and if his numbers stack up... you'd be mad not to have one.

"The consumer can expect to save around a 100,000 litres per annum, Australia's economy can expect to save 4 billion litres per annum and globally this goes into the trillions" says Geoffrey.

So impressed were the judges at the international exhibition of inventors in Geneva, they awarded the Waterfuse the silver medal. He now has the attention of water conscious governments around the globe.

"There's many other governments that are interested, most notably Singapore, America, France, but particularly Spain. Spain is now trucking water in to one of their major centres- they've actually run out of water."

Unfortunately Geoff's pleas to our own government have fallen on deaf ears.

"The product itself has won the major award globally, recognised for new products. I'd have expected they'd have beaten down the door, buts thats not the case."

Which is surprising considering his last creation was the Gasfuse, a product that shuts off gas during major leaks - the government didn't listen to him on that idea either.

Gasfuse is now installed on around a billion gas bottles all over the world.

"We've poured everything out of that into the water fuse venture� and its around a $13 million investment."

"Its got an electronic brain, a mechanical flow device that regulates the flow and its got a software program specially designed to supply what's required but not waste any" explains Geoffrey.

If the federal government doesn't act, the water fuse and the 1500 jobs it could provide for Australians will go elsewhere, not to mention the boost to the economy.

"The industries worth about $493 billion and we believe Australia could share in most of that."

For further information email: gasfuse@bigpond.com