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The weight loss all stars are the best of the best in the business of battling the bulge.

At 40 years of age, Loralee Thomas is at her prime with a terrific body, after having two children. But four years ago, buying clothes was a big problem.

"I just ate continually and I didn't realise what I was putting in my mouth," Loralee said.
Loralee tipped the scales at 127 kilograms and faced the prospect of a shortened life. She signed up for the medical vita diet, one of the oldest shake-meal replacements on the market.

In 15 months she shed 64 kilos - and has kept it off. She attributes her success to a low carb, two shakes a day diet, and regular exercise.

Suzanne Grills weighed 160 kilograms and was a morbidly obese, Type 2 diabetic. All her life, the grandmother had been a big girl until she lost 106 kilograms.
After receiving a lap band she went from a size 28 to a slender size eight.

"When I eat something and I know I’ve had enough I push it away," Suzanne said.
Alan long wasn't up for a lap band - his recipe for success came through sensible eating and lots of sweating.

At 158 kilos, he joined a Bikram Yoga class. In 44 weeks, he dropped 43 kilos and has got more to go.

And he now has extra motivation - each kilo he loses will help raise money for the Baker ID Heart and Diabetes Research Institute.

"I'm pretty keen to get to 85 so probably about another 30 to go," Alan said.
Combined, the weight loss all stars have shed 213 kilos and counting. They're all losers, but in their own right, they are big winners.

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Vita Tech can be contacted on '1300 shakes' (1300 742 537). You can visit their website at www.medicalvitadiet.com.au