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Marilyn Goodwin is a woman on a mission. The Adelaide grandmother and nurse is literally half her former self, after stumbling on what she thinks is the last word when it comes to losing weight.

"Australia's getting bigger, and I'm getting thinner," she says. "I'd like to think that I'm on a mission to reduce Australia's waistline."

Before we introduce you to Marilyn's secret, first meet new mum Kelly Colman, who's been slowly packing on the kilos over the past few years, after the birth of her three children.

"I found that I was really run down having three children and working as well. I was really tired. And I've always been pretty healthy, I thought, myself, until I started the plan, and now I realise what being really healthy is all about," she says.

Kelly decided to follow Marilyn's example, so she can look her best for her wedding in January. She's also half her previous size, dropping from a 12 to a size 6 in just a few months.

"It's easy and I think it's easy because the results are shown immediately," says Kelly. "I was a bit sceptical [at first]. A typical "don't think anything's going to work"[attitude]. And then I went from 70 kilos and I'm now 54. That took me three months, so I thought that was pretty good."

Then there's hairdresser Fifi Kemp WHO noticed her dress size creeping up, and her waistline starting to expand... and thought there wasn't much she could do about it.

"I had given up on myself," says Fifi. "I really thought, well, I'm a middle age fat woman now and I give in."

But after adopting Marilyn's plan for less than three months, she's a total convert.

"I noticed that I was kind of losing but I didn't want to believe it really, that I was losing weight but then when people started telling me: "oh, you've lost weight", then I thought, yeah, maybe I have. It's fantastic. I totally, totally am passionate about it now."

Fifi says she noticed Marilyn's shrinking waistline each time she came into her salon, and had to try it herself.

"You basically enjoy life while you're losing weight and then you feel healthy," says Fifi. "Well, that's a bonus--I think that's a huge bonus."

But Marilyn considers her biggest success story to be herself.

"I called myself a professional dieter," she says. "I've tried dieting, I've tried all the shakes and the bars and everything but lap-band surgery. That was my last option and I decided I didn't want to subject my body to that, so all of a sudden I came upon this thing and just went with it. After all these years of carrying all this weight, now I can out-run the youngest!"

Marilyn's secret is contained in her book, which she's just finished, and sells on the internet.

And her plan really is simple. It includes a gorgeous green concoction and staying away from carbohydrates at certain times of the day. But Marilyn doesn't want to give everything away: she says without all the right information, you could end up like two of her early clients.

"They took it into their own hands and thought: 'well, we'll do this' and they had diarrhoea for three days!" she says.

Also important in Marilyn's plan: eating three good meals a day. The clinical lecturer and nurse says nutrition is one of the most important features of her diet. Sorry, NOT a diet´┐Ż

"No. No, it's not a diet," says Marilyn. "Please don't put 'diet', don't put that word to my plan. It's nothing to do with dieting. It's very safe. It's very easy. And when you read it you'll know why. You'll go: 'why didn't I think of that?'."

In fact, Marilyn says the best thing followers can do is show her plan to their doctor.

The first thing she does tell people, though, is to put away their bathroom scales, because they can be more of a hindrance than a help.

The rest, as they say, is easy.

"It was pretty straightforward," says Kelly. "In fact I thought to myself: why didn't I think of this?"

Fifi agrees. "It couldn't be any easier actually," says Fifi. "It seems really too good to be true but it is!"

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