Wonder Noodles


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Chris Jarmer's AIR (on North Terrace) is cooking with Shirataki noodles

And these are the online distributors

Noodles can be purchased from Little Tokyo, Shop 2A, Victoria Square Arcade and selected Asian grocery stores.

Thai chicken and noodle salad (serves 3 -4)

Shirataki noodles 150g per serve
Poached chicken in master stock 100g shreaded
red cabbage 50g
bean shoots 40g
iceberg lettuce 40g
coriander pinch of leaves
thai basil pinch
Mint pinch
spring onion tbs
red onion 20g
peanuts (optional) 2tsp
black sesame seeds 1tsp
thai chilli and lime dressing
sweet chilli sauce
fresh lime juice
white vinegar
fish sauce

Pre cook and refresh the Shirataki noodles
combine all other ingredients in a large bowl and dress with the Thai dressing

Rahmen dish / Miso

Rahmen is a stock made from meat or fish bones flavoured with soy, ginger, garlic & Kombu(dried kelp)

Shirataki noodles 200g per person

Rahmen stock or Miso 200ml per person
Spring onion 2 tbs
Bean sprouts/ shoots 1/4 cup
poached or roasted Chicken 100g
Roast BBQ pork 100g
Broccoli 2 flowers
Zucchini 1/4
Snow peas 3
Bok Choy 1/4
Benito Flakes 1tsp

pre cook the noodles in boiling water, place the cooked vegetables in bowl with noodles add pork & chicken then pour boiling stock over the top garnish with spring onions & bonito flakes

Singapore Seafood Stir Fry

Egg beaten 1
Vegies of choioce (carrot, capsicum, onion etc) 100g per serve
Shirataki noodles 200g per serve
Curry powder 1tsp
Crushed garlic1 tsp
Prawns 4-5 per person
Squid 5 small pieces each

Heat wok, coat with a little oil
add beaten egg, then vegetables, garlic then reheat pre cooked seafood & noodles in boiling water
add to the wok, the curry powder season with salt and serve.