World Record Twins


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Their birthday was a week ago but Adelaide toddlers Hunter and Darcy Ridley and their parents, are still celebrating and with good reason.

Born two years ago, the twins have just been recognised by the Guinness Book of Records.

They were the tiny tots weighing just a kilo between them who defied the odds with their incredible will to live.

Hunter and Darcy Ridley were born at just 22 weeks into mum Gillian's pregnancy while on holiday in Adelaide from their home town Alice Springs.

They were the youngest set of twins the Women's and Children's Hospital have supported that survived.

Proud dad Justin tells us, "I don't like to focus on how hard it's been, it's been tough but I tell you what, there's nothing that phases us too much. We've grown to be better people for it. We can go through a lot now.

But it wasn't all smooth sailing, Justin recalls how doctors at the Women's and Children's Hospital held grave fears, especially during little Darcy's birth.

"There's alarms going off and doctors rushing from all directions and it's like really serious and I'm trying to make eye contact with the nurse and the nurse looked at me like 'she's gone' and then I just lost it, that was the first time I lost it, I lost my little child," said Justin.

They survived, clinging on to life, enduring open heart surgery and two brain shunts. But for every setback they always seemed to bounce back, fitter and stronger.

"�everyone's said you know we've done so much for them the doctors and all the professionals and so on but none of it would've meant zip if they didn't do it themselves, just to see how hard they pushed themselves."

As if just being here today isn't reason enough to celebrate, the Ridleys recently stumbled on a copy of the Guinness book of records at their local K-mart and their jaws dropped.

"We were shopping in there and we just had a bit of a browse through and spotted the world record for most premature twins and it was 119 days, now ours were 122 days so we actually beat the world record by 3 days."

With the paperwork and medical records now in the hands of Guinness, it's only a matter of time before Hunter and Darcy officially become the "world's most premature twins to survive."

It's a record Justin wants his kids to be proud of, not ashamed about, "�because that just shows their own inner strength and you know we can say to them look you guys can do anything you want to."

And when the festivities subside, it's back to work, being a parent, raising a family, tackling developmental delays and even their critics, "�what people see about us and say about us, it's a reflection on them, what we do is a reflection on us and we've got the love for our kids and that's all that really matters and we're here, to you know, say look at these beautiful children and they're turning 2 and it's a very special time they're just remarkable," said Justin.