Worst parking


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Well, if you spend much time in your car, you're sure to have run into an inconsiderate or dumb driver who just doesn't appear to care where they park.
And if you've ever wanted to get revenge, this is how you just might go about it.

Presenting the parallel park, not once, not twice, not even three times; you could have a cup of tea, as it could take a bit of time.

Meanwhile in Sydney, who needs a drive-through when you can simply drive over and then drive away?

Or again, with at least seven parks to choose from, the driver can't make up his mind.

Or what about the driver who gets up at 5 o'clock each morning in order to park his car by 8am?

If you're parking prowess is a little lacking -- be warned.  Two Melbourne students are on a mission.  They are out to catch the worst parking culprits.  “People are just lazy and I guess when people see a horrible park they don’t mind taking the photo and doing a bit of a name and shame thing”, said Steve.

In just a few weeks Steve and Aaron's Facebook page has attracted 30,000 followers.  “I guess it'll make people think twice before they're lazy or an idiot or park horribly”, he added.

Photos are sent in and posted up -- and no driver is off-limits.  “We've had the Mayor park half in a disabled spot and half in his spot and we've had people park in lakes and shops and against things”, Steve said.

If you can't be bothered with angle parking or parking between the white lines, stick your car wherever you like -- but be ready to smile for the camera.  “Quite a few people who know a friend or something who've been on it and tagged them on the photo and we've had people abuse us, we've had people send us rude messages and things but some people find it funny if their car's on it”, Steve said.

“I think it is great theatre and sport to highlight driving inadequacy in all its forms”, said motoring expert John Cadogen.

John says parking a car is one skill many drivers are lacking.  “In Australian it’s almost cool to drive dumb; not knowing where the corners of the car are is an absolutely classic.  I've seen drivers park with one or more wheels up on the curb and parking so far out that you almost need to book a taxi to get form where they're parked to the curb”, John said.

4 wheel drivers are some of the most snapped online.   “There's an incredible sense of entitlement, it's almost like the normal rules don’t apply”, John said.

Back to our parallel parker and she’s finally done it – in 29 minutes.