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He's fast making a name for himself…

Georgie Bannards’ larger than life personality has won Australian hearts.

"I'm just really happy to be here thank you so much for the opportunity," says Georgie.

"I love being around people, a bit of an attention junkie… well attention junkie sounds a bit awwww".

A natural performer, he's kept the X Factor show entertaining... Even managing to crack a smile from the judges.

"I just snorted, I'm so sorry"!

"I have this habit where if I'm really nervous I can't help it I just ramble and talk and the eyebrows go up, it's like, crazy face".

But the Adelaide call centre worker has proven he can also walk the walk. Last night he had the crowd and judges on their feet...

"I can't remember doing it, it was like something took over me and I just wanted to get out so much emotion, I wanted to prove myself, it was so overwhelming, people were jumping and chanting my name, it was really overwhelming"!

A response that he's been sincerely humbled by....

"I really, really, thought I was going to be hated. I thought you can't really be like me and be liked if that makes sense? It's a real overwhelming feeling".

But those who know him best, like his fiance Lauren aren't surprised he's receiving so much support...

"There's something about him, he's just a little bit different, he's so happy and positive makes me laugh".

And when he isn't performing, the 23 year old admits he's a bit of a home body...

"I can't remember when I became this old man. I just remember being 18 and thinking partying is ok, I tried it for a week and a half and it wasn't really my cup of tea, a cup of tea was my cup of tea, I don't really know what happened".

While Georgie’s name has been on everyone’s lips, so too has another lively Adelaide character…

“First I was a bit freaked out on how I would come across because lord knows I'm a little bit animated at times and I didn't know whether that was going to come across kooky and funny or like someone who's lost their marbles,” says Michael.

"I suppose it's too late to ask to go to the toilet? Kidding, I'm kidding?"

31 year old Michael Ross has also been blown away by the response he's received on the show…

"You are a true artist, don't change a thing man don't change a thing".

It does bring a little bit of validation like I'm not crazy, I should be doing music. I'm not… other people think I'm good too. Thank god”!

When he's not performing himself Michael directs a singing group for the intellectually disabled… Tutti.

He loves bringing music to others but hopes he will get the opportunity to spread it even further.

"The truth is I’m going on X Factor for me as a solo artist with this dream to have a career where I can tour and have people come to my shows".

"I suppose now I've really got to lift the game… I don't know what to do next, now I need to find a better song, I don't know, I've really put my foot it in now, I should have been slightly average but ok enough to get through and then hit them," says Georgie.