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  • : Feral Cats : Judy Anne Hartmann-Sleep says:

    Its so sad that the RSPCA wont try and get laws changed so that its compulsory to desex your cats or big fines...its not the cats fault they are being victimised

  • : Feral Cats : Janelle Ikswolahicm says:

    Yes they can and make sure you can establish the difference between feral and stray because there is a solid difference. Both can be rehabilitated with time and patience

  • : Feral Cats : Georgie Mckinley says:

    Yes you can, we have domesticated a few very wild adult cats & kittens. It takes a lot patience and dedicated care. The problem of feral cats & dogs is due to HUMANS, who are to lazy to have their pet cats de-sexed, and when they find they have a cat with kittens, they either dump the cat & kittens or dump the kittens, or they do evil things like drowning the kittens/puppies which I might add is just pure evil. We're heading in the right direction in stopping kittens & puppies from being purchased in pet shops, but I think we need to register the humans not the kittens/cats & puppies/dogs. And if someone is found to have dumped their pet, are neglectful or cruel to any pet, then they should NEVER be allowed a pet again, and if that means everyone else in the house suffers to bloody bad. Remember its HUMANS who are responsible for the feral problem, not the cats or dogs.

  • : Feral Cats : Gill Holloway says:

    yep sure do. ive done it twice.

  • : CFS Fight : Doyle Holmes says:

    And if it were me id be suing for defamation...to think your throwing the 'sex offender' tag around now ..haha I mean why are u watching him in his laundry anyway ..duh !! the pety butterworth has even commented here and is still attacking.....geuss what david ...theres enough evidence here to have you and your daughter prosecuted for assault and defamation and I hope you get what you deserve from this. Disgusting people. .fancy going to today tonight like a coward. Yup COWARD.

  • : CFS Fight : Doyle Holmes says:

    I cant believe the hypocracy..this should be on onion news as parody...I mean the little privileged brat is clearly antagonising and trying for a reaction..she even clocks him in the face first !! The father then admittedly punches this traumatized man in the mouth who is shown to act only in self defence.. And its all on video !?.... this is a clear set up and harrasment towards someone who just faught off a bushfire at his doorstep not even 48 hrs earlier and needed support not opportunistic filming and attempted set up by this butterworth character.

  • : Feral Cats : Lyn Muller says:

    Yes of course you can I was always taming feral cats in my early teens

  • : Bali 9 : Bob N Jannette Coupland says:

    why should they get mercy they are murderers of the worse kind. How many lives do you think a drug dealer ruins.I saw a program where it was stated for every drug dealer 18 users die Its a pity Australia doesn't adopt the same strategy it would save this country thousands of dollars trying to reabllatat them

  • : Power Prices : Lucille Clare Fox says:


  • : Power Prices : Lucille Clare Fox says:

    There is two of us at home now our bill $300 a quarter have 2 freezers fridge microwave hot water agl