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Should children be exposed to WiFi in schools?





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  • : Chowilla Station : PS Industry says:

    Hey can't wait to see this interview tonight....September is shaping up to be the biggest gathering of Paddle Steamers for the year!!! Not To Missed :)

  • : Chowilla Station : Pop Corn says:

    Great place! thank you

  • : Contaminated Land : Socorro Niutta says:

    Hi Nels, I do not know which are in Adelaide is affected as I haven't seen the Today Tonight report regarding this. They live in Mitchell Park close to Marion Rd. Cheers

  • : Heater Alert : Nikki Taylor says:

    James glad I didn't buy one of these

  • : Heater Alert : Ian Waller says:

    Samantha Hipkiss we nearly burnt our house down with one of those .

  • : Heater Alert : Samantha Hipkiss says:

    Corey smith - ease up turbo!

  • : AWL Princess : Mychele Angelique-Cshep Vanwyk says:

    Sharpei are a breed that are well known for usually being at higher risk of having varying health concerns. Pet insurance will be a must and money on standby to reduce ANY risk of untreated conditions affecting her adversely again in the future <3

  • : Heater Alert : Corey Smith says:

    More Yuppie Trash that people think are great because they've seen Trash like this endorsed and advertised on Rubbish Reality Shows...

  • : Contaminated Land : James Zhao says:

    It is people problems. Not the company....

  • : Heater Alert : Hayley Marley-duncan says:

    Really, ?? Glad I never bought one... I nearly did !

  • : Heater Alert : Matt Baney says:

    I thought they were for visual purposes not heating