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  • : Coconut Water craze : Stephen Tully says:

    It's so funny if you drink to much coconut water it gives you the runs

  • : Hard rain : Peter Hann says:

    The area arond Birkinhead is zoned Industrial. If people don't wish to live in an industrial area why move there in the first place. Adelaide Brighton Cement has been in the region for far longer than most of these winging residents have been alive & is the only major cement mfg in SA. The story as aired on Adelaide's Today Tonight program even had 1 resident saying the way to fix the alleged cement dust in the air is to close down the plant. WAKE UP YOU FOOL!!!!! South Australia is loosing very valuable manufacturing industry bad enough as it is with the pending closure of the Automotive mfg industry so sure why not close down ADBRI. I'll tell you why not. Do we really want more South Australian workers out of work? Can you imagine the flow on effect to the building industry it would have if ADBRI closed down their cement mfg company. I'm sorry if i'm offending any sensible people here but i'm annoyed that Adelaide's Today Tonight tv show even aired this story. You winging residents won't get any support from me towards closing down Adelaide Brighton Cement. Thanks

  • : Coconut Water craze : Renae Selina says:

    They weren't saying it's bad just to be wary of the product you're buying

  • : Coconut Water craze : Chantelle Rose Phillips says:

    Today tonight / Coconut water is the ONLY thing that makes me feel better after a hangover. Quit y'all jibba-jabb'

  • : Coconut Water craze : Chantelle Rose Phillips says:


  • : Coconut Water craze : Nathan Lam says:

    That's still the same species... Palms... so to suggest that it has been genetically modified is very misleading. Genetic Modification is when DNA of one species is forced into a totally different species where by it can never happen in nature/the natural world. But overall, a good report and mostly truthful and it's sickening to see how companies have bastardised this healthy beverage.

  • : Coconut Water craze : Today Tonight Adelaide says:

    The research actually stated coconut palms crossed with Date palms

  • : Third Party Insurance points : Cheryl Boughton says:

    The government have thought only of their hip pockets not the what this week do to the average family. We are now further in debt because of the accident having to struggle to pay bills that were paid by the husband's wage also having to pay extra petrol fir the physio visits. It not only affects the husband pain wise is affected the kids and myself and we get nothing fir compensation only 80% of his wages and medical. When he's recovered. What about the over drawn fees as there is nothing in the account for insurance.

  • : Coconut Water craze : Nathan Lam says:

    Your report should get the facts straight before going on air... Coconuts have not been genetically modified... it has been hybridised through breeding within the same species. This is very different from being genetically modified!

  • : Coconut Water craze : Today Tonight Adelaide says:

    The video should be up later this afternoon

  • : Power Surge bill : Donald Shannon Urquhart says:

    Not if you're on any non-jailbroken iOS device. Well, not for any I own anyway. Might want to look into HTML5 video playing or if you have that, look into your device detection.