Families SA scandal Poll

Should Minister Rankine resign over the Families SA abuse scandal?





This poll has closed, there will be a new poll soon.

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  • : ROHHAD Syndrome : Michelle Killeen says:

    Such a sad story. Sebastian goes to the same school as my children and his older brother is actually in my sons class. Please donate to this much needed cause if you are able to spare anything at all. This is such a lovely family who have been dealt a huge blow and are truly struggling to make ends meet and keep life as normal as possible.

  • : Gone Girl Competition terms and conditions : Vicki Caruana Anderson says:


  • : Gone Girl Competition terms and conditions : Today Tonight Adelaide says:

    Three questions will be given over the next three nights (starting tonight). Once you have all three, enter via our website

  • : Gone Girl Competition terms and conditions : Suzanne Moore says:

    So how do we enter?

  • : NBN training : Today Tonight Adelaide says:

    Friday stories are loaded the following Monday. Give it another hour or so and it should be up

  • : NBN training : Annette Bannon says:

    Today tonight, can't get the story to run on you Today Tonight site, only photos. When will the video be loaded?

  • : NBN training : Jack Campbell says:

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  • : NBN training : Andrew Smith says:

    check your others pete priestley

  • : NBN training : Andrew Smith says:

    totally agree^^^

  • : NBN training : Sarah Blunden says:

    Stop voting labor in SA then......

  • : NBN training : Andrew Smith says:

    I also did the course will pm you bill kingate