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  • : Bone marrow plea : Kerry McKie says:

    I'm o+ but not sure if I can donate as I was born in the UK in '79. Came to Australia in '82 but there may be an issue about donation because of mad cow disease. If anyone can clarify I'm happy to be tested and donate if compatible.

  • : Medical research breakthough : Jo Askew says:

    This is why cutting funding to the CSIRO is a totally derelict & dumb thing to do. But the Abbott government is so regressive it would rather cut it's head off to spite it's legs.

  • : Bone marrow plea : Bec Grotegoed says:

    Have you thought about starting a Facebook page to encourage people to donate and spread the word Nikki? Xx

  • : Bone marrow plea : Vicky Marie Fellows says:

    Your a very brave lady Nikki Wilkins xx

  • : Bone marrow plea : Megan Steele says:

    Hi Nik.....have sent u an inbox msg. Was going to call u on tues after ness told told me about TT but grr short week. Surprised how quick it all got put together. I really hope this can get awareness out there. Take care. Talk next week x.

  • : Bone marrow plea : Nikki Wilkins says:

    Thankyou everyone for your support! It's not so much about the blood type matching (I'm o+, quite common) but it's the tissue typing that needs to be compatible. It's certain markers in the white blood cells & because of my rare cancer, this is the part that's hard to match up. I'd still urge you all to go & get tested, you just never know. Cancer is called Mycosis Fungoides (I'm @ the stage where it's considered Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma). Thankyou, all of you for your kind words & positive encouragement, for sharing my story with your family & friends & offering to donate financially & for bone marrow. I'm so incredibly lucky to have so many supportive people looking out for us. Please don't hesitate to ask me more questions xx

  • : Bone marrow plea : Hayley Marley-duncan says:

    Pretty sure rhesus o- is compatible with all bloods. Purest of them all ... and or stem cell... I have lots of that stored..

  • : Breast Implant business : Emma Armstrong says:

    I think the women that are saying it's our own fault about PIPS would say different if the shoe was on the other foot. You make me so mad and sick of your vile comments you obviously have no heart.

  • : Bone marrow plea : Carolyn Clatworthy says:

    Nikki is a beautiful person and to say the least humble... god bless you nikki you are a special person.

  • : Bone marrow plea : Bec Grotegoed says:

    There has only been one monetary donation towards her cause on Go Fund Me, very disappointing, I thought there would be more effort from people 😞 Can we get more info on what blood/ tissue type Nikki is, there's quite a few people here willing to donate if they are compatible.

  • : Bone marrow plea : Kimberly Rae says:

    What type is she?