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Should Minister Rankine resign over the Families SA abuse scandal?





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  • : Unfair Dismissal : Pearly Shells says:

    Seriously ?? I don't know why being dismissed is such a big deal...your employer pays you to work, if they don't want you to work anymore, they have the right to dismiss you, it doesn't matter why !! If it was me...I'd hire and fire who ever I wanted, it's nobody's else's business and the courts that entertain this kind of silly nonsense, need their practices/offices examined and shut down !!

  • : NZ Fur Seals : Pearly Shells says:

    Hmm so what's new ? Mankind is ever ready to destroy yet another living creature in order to make more money :). Wonder why these seals haven't yet died off though...just about every other kind of fish is dying out there in the hundreds thanks to man's pollution practices !! For all your know it will be the penguins turn next !!

  • : Insurance loyalty : Pearly Shells says:

    Loyalty isn't worth anything....personally, I would switch often...they're not going to pay up anyway...we're just wasting our money, so might as well go with the lowest quote !! Personally I think if you don't make a claim for a fixed term, the insurance company should pay you back 50 % of what they took from you in the first place !!

  • : Parkinson's carers : Marion Downing says:

    The problem with politics is that the other party can veto all your election promises since they have a vote on whether they go ahead or not. In essence your opposition can make you look like you made an election promise you aren't keeping. Even more so in the case of power balances such as that in South Australia since the election.

  • : Parkinson's carers : John Ralph says:

    so what else is new with Federal or State politicions ? .. when it comes to election time voters are fair game for every promise they can think of but have no intention of keeping ...

  • : Mick Jagger : Today Tonight Adelaide says:

    Eva's a treat - if you're a #RollingStones fan one definitely not to be missed

  • : Parkinson's carers : Jamii Lovett LamWongini says:

    Surprise surprise! The government is heartless!

  • : Parkinson's carers : Gloria Ada Richards says:


  • : Parkinson's carers : Cheryl Boughton says:

    It seams when they say they won't do it they do it. So don't believe what they say they will do.

  • : Parkinson's carers : Kym Hanel says:

    Another empty promise,but if we are dumb enough to keep believing these promises then I suppose we get what we deserve

  • : Miley Cyrus : Sean Dickson says:

    I'm not at all into Miley. But she's a performer, an artist. She's exploring music, dance and obviously her body too. Dumb shits are taking kids to see her think she is Hannah Montana! She was, but she's now an ADULT! And doing and ADULT show!