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Should Minister Rankine resign over the Families SA abuse scandal?





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  • : Dangerous Horses : Doug Kirby-Norse says:

    Making this about ex-racehorses is in my opinion the wrong way to go about it. Thoroughbreds in general are calm even tempered horses, far calmer and easier to handle than many other breeds. The issue arises when the Thoroughbred does what it was trained to do. Having said that, in the case of this tragic accident I doubt that breed played any part. If the horse bolted, there was a reason. Most probably nothing to do with training or lack thereof, all horses can bolt. The real issue is that some people think that because it has raced it is educated to saddle. All it has been taught is to accept the weight and run. Ex-racehorses should be handled as though they have no education at all. There are many dodgy horse people but at the end of the day the purchaser is responsible. Do the appropriate checks. If something does not add up - move on. There are plenty of good horses available. If you get stiffed when buying a horse you've no one to blame but yourself. As for a central governmental based single horse registry based on the current European model. I say the sooner the better. In fact I'm surprised the Government have not jumped all over it - Extra revenue.

  • : Dangerous Horses : Jared Mills says:

    Horses are far more than just pets, and yes riding can be dangerous but what it comes down to is, training of the horse and experience of the rider. Some people need to realise that they aren't as good of a rider Than what they may think and you should always ride and trial the horse before you make the purchase and get a professional rider to help you with this process.

  • : Dangerous Horses : Courtenae Truswell says:

    Sensationalising much?? Any horse can be dangerous. Horses are prey animals with a huge flight instinct. Some OTTBs are fantastic beginners horses after retraining by experienced professionals, some aren't. Saying that all OTTBs are nutty things that bolt, buck and rear is rediculous! That's like saying all Aussie talk like Crocodile Dundee, all English people have bad teeth and all Kiwi's love sheep. Sure, in some cases that might be true.... But it is a stereotype and not everything lives up to a stereotype. Yes the tafe is partially at fault for their horse choice but also for allowing a beginner rider to be videoing on her bloody fone while riding! Actually part of the blame goes the the girl who was riding too and those on the ride... It is not hard to stay off Facebook/snapchat/your fone for an hour or so, especially when you are not experienced riding.

  • : ESL shock : Rebecca Purdon says:

    CENTRELINK & OTHER AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT SCUM! is a good page for anti rorting from the govt.

  • : ESL shock : Trevor Brown says:

    so much for the carbon tax reduction!!

  • : ESL shock : Johns Smith says:

    Its just wrong. SOMEBODY HElP US!!!!

  • : ESL shock : Dave Gilmore says:

    Can't trust this state government!

  • : ESL shock : Margaret Spencer says:

    What a pathetic interview. Tom Koutsantonas must have been laughing all the way home.

  • : ESL shock : Supple Doris says:

    Property value..house aint worth more than 300 000$ yet esl bill went up from 58 to 151$ whats with that crap.

  • : ESL shock : Darren Giancaspro says:

    Can someone please explain why the emergency services levy (the one off bill which is still going) is calculated on property value? I am sick of bills calculated by how nice your home looks? Correct me if I am wrong, but do I get priority in an emergency because I pay more? Soon you will have to pay more to go to the movies because you are wearing nice clothes! Ridiculous, it is unacceptable to discriminate in all other areas of society, but when it's money for the government it's ok.

  • : Dangerous Horses : Lauren Bryde says:

    The real danger is inexperienced tightarses who see a cheap off the track horse and aren't willing to spend the money on a horse that matches their experience and capabilities, as part of my work for a stable I work to rehome our retired horses and the amount of people I get inquiring about our straight off the track horses because they are so cheap is frightening! I know that ex racehorses are used widely at universities and educational institutes for their cheap price tag and their experience that comes as a result of being involved in the racing industry. I learned to ride on an ex racehorse, and I'll never have anything else. it must never be forgotten that horses are prey animals and by definition highly unpredictable if given a fright. While this story is tragic, I do not think it is fair to be laying the blame on ex racehorses.