Child Sexualisation Poll

Do you support a parliamentary inquiry into the sexualisation of SA children?





This poll has closed, there will be a new poll soon.

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  • : Facebook Jobseeker : Kylie Kamikazi says:

    Isn't social media just good networking.

  • : Mary Ann : Christene Ray says:

    it was sunk somewhere near the Mannum boat ramp

  • : Mary Ann : Robin Chok says:

    Conspiracy theory

  • : Mary Ann : PS Oscar W says:

    Come for a cruise on Paddle Steamer Oscar W. Located Goolwa -South Australia on the Murray River. Fabulous trip and a step back in time....

  • : Mary Ann : Helen Shilton says:

    Same place as a bike and set of golf clubs I heard were in there as well.

  • : Mary Ann : Kate Shilton says:

    Helen Shilton

  • : Mary Ann : Amy Boadie says:

    Maybe its at the bottom of renmark now

  • : Facebook Jobseeker : Matthew Feltus says:

    was there a video to this story?

  • : Facebook Jobseeker : Steven King says:

    To be honest.. It's is a catch 22 situation.. Just feel like banging my head against the wall.. Neither too old or not qualified for the job..

  • : Facebook Jobseeker : Anthony Kernich says:

    Anywhere is better than here tbh. Where you want to move to is really up to you, whatever takes your fancy. Scandinavian countries are excellent for living standards, English is good (except Finland, they are weird), transport is good and there's plenty of cool places for expats to work at. They will welcome you with open arms.