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Should drug addicts be banned from having children?





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  • : Old Barber : Julie Jordan says:

    Good old Mario didn't know what hit him at 3:07pm lol

  • : Old Barber : Belinda Urban says:

    Wonder if this is Mario Julie Jordan???

  • : Car Sales Conman : Renee Selby says:

    It is about time..he dodgy in more ways than just car sales!!

  • : Car Sales Conman : Hannah Maddox says:

    About time he was finally caught out!!!!!

  • : Channel 7 Siege Cameraman : Ann Krieg says:

    The saddest thing is that people now know this man who should not be named again or show his face again had a jihadist face book page, carried a shahada flag and demanded an Isil flag said openly that he was doing this for Islam and some people connect it with domestic violence or compare it with Port Arthur. He was nuts but only nuts because of his idealogy. Isil is not a religion and has no race so no one is a bigot who doesnt like Isil. Meanwhile we now know the I will ride with you page was started on a story that was a fairy tale not a real event.

  • : Channel 7 Siege Cameraman : Ann Krieg says:

    The building was an old bank had glass that a bullet wouldnt go through. The terrorist had the hostages holding his shahada flag and he was busy making sure he was seen for the channel 7 tv station across the road of this non halal cafe so it was a planned event but out of range. Why are people experts on what they would do but were not there and had to take orders and think of everyones safety.

  • : Neurofibromatosis Follow : Nic N Ash says:

    Karena Whittaker

  • : Christmas lights winner : Melissa Nedobity says:

    so who won

  • : Christmas lights winner : Today Tonight Adelaide says:

    The addresses are all on the TT homepage

  • : Car Sales Conman : Slimer's Mobile Auto Repairs says: