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Should Minister Rankine resign over the Families SA abuse scandal?





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  • : Miley Cyrus : Sean Dickson says:

    I'm not at all into Miley. But she's a performer, an artist. She's exploring music, dance and obviously her body too. Dumb shits are taking kids to see her think she is Hannah Montana! She was, but she's now an ADULT! And doing and ADULT show!

  • : Number plate terrorist : Laila Hammouch says:

    I agree with you James they should have exposed her lol stupid woman..

  • : Miley Cyrus : Anna Jane says:


  • : Number plate terrorist : James Evans says:

    I liked how he was the camera man in the interview haha good one today tonight that's sticking it to them. Should of gotten the stupid women for a interview and done the same thing

  • : DJ Memories : Kerry Wellington says:

    Not able to get it will try again later

  • : Insurance loyalty : Hayley Marley-duncan says:

    Yes took 20 years of premiums make claims that were not my fault. Why we pay ! Then they weren't going to pay until 7 emailed them. They paid and dropped me. Elders gawler Loke taking your money but not paying out !!!

  • : Insurance loyalty : Hayley Marley-duncan says:

    Ppffttt I've been with elders insurance for 20 years they wouldn't cover me. Pay 1000 a month in insurance premiums and GOD FORBID u make a claim .... what u pay for and boom they dropped me... AHOLES

  • : Insurance loyalty : Vanessa Muscat says:

    I recently renewed with Aami and thought I'd also get an online quote as a 'new' customer. It was $300 cheaper!!! So, on the phone I went.... they did match the new customer price ~ if they didn't, I would have left.

  • : Miley Cyrus : Phil Grogan Karen Sanford says:

    Miley is a great entertainer. She was no different to what I've seen with Beyoncé, Britney, Christina aquilera and so on. People see Miley and think Hannah montannah, she's not, she's Miley. Hannah was an act. This is the real her. People also need to see for the good she does too with helping homeless youth and also funding animal rescue.

  • : Miley Cyrus : Glenn P Sanford says:

    I think this was the hot topic of the day when Madonna was around and I was a teen. So my teens can go.

  • : Insurance loyalty : Kevin N Nathalie Griffin says:

    it doesnt matter what the service is always shop around when the term or contract is due for renewal