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Should the SA Government allow clinical trials of medical marijuana?





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  • : Skin surgery : Didier Etienne says:

    Everyone who has made such a big effort, I will say congratulations because it is not an easy journey. It would be good if you can get the necessary help.

  • : Trailer Con : Jake Eades says:

    This guy ripped me and my dad off We took him to court the same time as these other men amd he was ordered to pay us the same amount but never saw it either Biggest con man we went to the law nothing happend glad he got attacked though he won't learn from it

  • : Skin surgery : Sue McKee says:

    My daughter who is only 25 has the very same problem, lost close to 50 kilos, so is now healthy and not a drain on the government but the skin just hangs and has made her extremely unhappy and embarrassed and we can't afford an e pensive operation to help her, but I also don't want her getting so depressed that she ends up being over 120 kilos again either. Where do you go for help? PS she did this through diet and lots of exercise and determination, no gastric banding involved, no weight loss pills and potions, all her own doing!

  • : Trailer Con : Chris Goddard says:

    YOUR MATE AY Campbell

  • : Skin surgery : Jillian Innes says:

    I think there should be a government health incentive scheme to help people in this situation that lose all their weight and get on top of their life to have the surgery they need to remove their excess skin. So many handouts go to people doing the wrong thing with their life and their health. It would be good to see people that have done everything they can to be healthy and happy get the extra bit of help they need to complete their effort.

  • : Trailer Con : Andrew Campbell says:

    Chris Goddard

  • : Skin surgery : Kylie Roberts says:

    I am going through Dr julie Lawrence on jetty rd brighton in adelaide do not go through flinders they stuffed up my surgerys and now she is fixing them up just need to have a baby then I will have it all fixed up, there are plastic surgeons out there that take on public patients you just have to go onto a waiting list that's all

  • : Spartan Racers : Jenni Chivers says:

    Vicky this is the full video I think

  • : Trailer Con : Andrew Campbell says:

    Yeah. . It's called persistence after 5 months i got mine in not what i ordered but cut my losses but was no friend to the bloke

  • : Trailer Con : Stewart Bottrell says:

    Andrew Campbell Jack Callow