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Should Minister Rankine resign over the Families SA abuse scandal?





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  • : Terror Video : Kylie Ann Horka says:

    I say this wants to continue I say ban all Muslims coming into the countries... Send them all back the other side of the world and let them kill there own people.. And us non terrorist people can live happily ever after. If they don't want to follow ours customs our beliefs then be gonei have had enough of this Wah Wah wah we have to have halal Meat. Or why can't they cover there faces.. But someone NORMAL does this eg helmet or balaklava and bam they get into trouble instead how are we supposed to identifie them.Two sets of rules and they have no respect they don't smile or look at an Australian with respect. Instead they look down on us. Despise our ways but still come to live hear...And waitttt they want to change our traditional celebrating ways so they can dedicate a day to there killing religion.. Put them all back on there boat back to there war torn country and let them kill each other over there.. Or if they want to exist as an Australian make them learn our national anthem, and our ways adapt to this the minute they step over our border..

  • : Eczema Boy folo : Sue Farrow says:

    Beautiful story. :)

  • : Racial Profiling : Hayley Marley-duncan says:

    Stop whiting out my comments TODAY TONIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!

  • : Terror Video : Chris Goodwin says:

    Catherine Fiona

  • : Jetty fight : Peter Johnson says:

    It would be nice to have it for public use but they will have to remove all the fuel line if there is any left on it because you watch there will be some idiot out there that will start a fire on it like they have on other jetties in the state !

  • : Jetty fight : Oz DiverDown says:

    If you would like a look at video footage of life under jetties and elsewhere around SA then have a look at www.youtube.com/ozdiverdown clips of my footage were used in this article. Jetties footage that I have include Rapid Bay, Wallaroo, Edithburgh, Port Hughes, Tumby Bay and plenty of other SA sites ciao

  • : Eczema Boy folo : Kristen Doherty says:

    Leasha Sydes for Jazzy. See Tamara s comments above too xx

  • : Eczema Boy folo : Josephine Terry Brennan-Kuss says:

    Natural Healing Gel is a bush medicine cream made by a local lady here in Coober Pedy. We sell it and have used it ourselves and with wonderful results. Have repeat customers from interstate ringing for more. Suzie has a page here on Facebook.

  • : Eczema Boy folo : Christy Clayton says:

    I tried heaps of creams on my son but now I give him sea salt baths and sea salt based creams works fantastic

  • : Jetty fight : Matthew Hobbs says:

    The port stanvac jetty is off limits to the public and no boat are allowed near it, so that may be their reason BUT... Other then the shipping channel their and the Nourlunga reef, this is the only shelter for fish, I say open the area for snorkelling and scuba diving.