Medicinal Marijuana Poll

Should the SA Government allow clinical trials of medical marijuana?





This poll has closed, there will be a new poll soon.

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  • : Retirement Guide : Trevor Gill says:

    don't worry our pollies will be ok

  • : Retirement Guide : Today Tonight Adelaide says:


  • : Driverless Cars : David Gericke says:

    Dumb idea .wont work. dodged a kangaroo and hit truck

  • : Driverless Cars : Steve Geary says:

    tell that to the kangaroos

  • : Driverless Cars : Brad J Ozy says:

    Stupid stupid idea..

  • : Driverless Cars : Sheida Azadegan says:

    Mona Azadegan gimme

  • : Driverless Cars : Trevor Hardy says:

    That won't happen! Good luck with that. It will still be the drivers problem.

  • : Driverless Cars : Aaron Powell says:

    I know they run independently but once they are the only ones on the road there will be no more idiots doing stupid things and it will be safer

  • : Driverless Cars : Sean Curry says:

    If the rules change - the car's protocols will change. The vehicle manufacturer will be responsible for any fines incurred under automatic mode.

  • : Driverless Cars : Sean Curry says:

    Incorrect - they can operate now alone, but just not allowed to yet. They run independently.