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  • : Royal Visits : Today Tonight Adelaide says:

    The House of Windsor is the royal house of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms. The most prominent member of the House of Windsor is its head, Queen Elizabeth II, who is the reigning monarch of 16 Commonwealth realms.

  • : Bone marrow plea : Shirley Smith says:

    In answer to your comment Ness, I agree that not EVERYONE will fit the criteria to be a BONE MARROW DONOR, this has been proven sadly by listening to the story that to date there is no compatable person available for Nikki, that is the sad part and the reason in my opinion that the first priority where possible is to build up the bone marrow register. Many years ago there was the same request for a young boy called Anthony Nolan and his Mother worked tirelessly to try and get him the miracle of life. Sadly he passed. So we all just hope that there can be a donor for Nikki and that she will be around to see the boys grow to be men. Wil her eldest child will be loved and cared for by his father and step mother, but LET'S BE POSITIVE and hope that a donor is found in time. In the meantime I know that Nikki has support from you as one of her carers and most importantly she has the love and support from her family.

  • : Royal Visits : Shirley Smith says:

    are Will and Kate Windsor or Cambridge.....Cambridge is what I hear when media talks about visiting the Cambridge area of New Zealand which was associated with there name.....we need to have truth in media so that us oldies know real names, Prince Philip is the Duke of Windsor so ????????

  • : Bone marrow plea : Ness Anderson says:

    It is so wonderful to see that so many peoe have been touched by your story Nikki. Amd that they are willing to SUPPORT you however THEY can. Yes I agree with previouse comments about the importance of joining the 'Bone marrow registry'. However some people need to realise that not EVERYONE will 'fit' the criterior, whether age or health reasons, and they still want ro help. So atleast THEY can HELP financialy so that at least Nikki can have the peace of mind her family wont have to struggel money wise once she gone!! PLEASE HELP Nikki in whatever way YOU personaly can. Lots of Love, Prayers and Blessings to you Nikki and those gorgeouse boys of yours XOXOXOX

  • : Pickers Part 2 : Michelle Biartch says:

    check Old Tailem Town Pioneer Village

  • : Surrogacy parents : Leah Vassallo says:

    Not so Phillipa Stoner, I'm doing an egg donor cycle, my donor starts in 2 weeks, it doesn't cost that much more than a normal ivf cycle, the only thing that is different is both my known donor, my husband and I need to have a few appointments with a psychologist. And there is no 6 month waiting for egg retrieval. I have done 5 cycles of normal IVF, and I have all the information needed for our up coming donor cycle.

  • : Kate's Royal Fashion : Phillipa Stoner says:

    11am Lisa

  • : Surrogacy parents : Phillipa Stoner says:

    Leah...using donor eggs costs heaps more then IVF and take 6 months before the donor has the eggs removed....lot of counselling and tests involved

  • : Surrogacy parents : Leah Vassallo says:

    People who are struggling to get pregnant through ivf using their own eggs, have they ever thought about using donor eggs?

  • : Kate's Royal Fashion : Today Tonight Adelaide says:

    The City of Playford has made arrangements for public viewing areas in the following locations: •Elizabeth Way, immediately east of the Winterslow Road roundabout and south of the Northern Sound System skate park. This location will be able to see Their Royal Highnesses observing a skateboarding demonstration of local young people. •Parkland in between Frobisher Road and Main North Road, and south of Elizabeth Way, which will also include community activities and food vendors. This location the public will be able to see the motorcade passing by at slow speed. •The Elizabeth Shopping Centre Car Park immediately west of Playford Boulevard. The car parks between Playford Boulevard and Elizabeth Shopping Centre will be closed to vehicles. At this location the public will be able to see Their Royal Highnesses walking along part of Playford Boulevard before attending the reception at the Civic Centre. It is expected that the best time to view Their Royal Highnesses at the locations above will be between 11am and 1.30pm

  • : Royal Visits : Corrie Foote says:

    I can remember Prince Charles officially opening my new primary school in 1981, wish I had photos.