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Should SA school children be allowed to travel on public transport for free?





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  • : School hoax threats : I Want Freedom - Health says:

    .. Well!! ..

  • : School hoax threats : Lucy Bellamy says:

    Neath Avenue, Dover Gardens was in lock down tonight. Police EVERYWHERE. apparently somebody had been 'stupid on the phone'. Could it be related?

  • : School hoax threats : June Dyer says:

    Is the voice female or male making the threats

  • : School hoax threats : June Dyer says:

    That's purely evil very wrong what's going on Must be these power heads

  • : School hoax threats : Lee Wallace says:

    Australia's response times are being tested. Someone is watching & calculating.

  • : School hoax threats : Jill Tubong says:

    WOW! 8 whole comments! Most of the videos I've watched about Frank defending the rights of an animal, who admits to stalking his neighbours while giving out the poor families names and address have had more views. I've also noticed in the few tabloid stories I've watch here today, they are either fake and people are lying, or they are fake and these people are lying. Good work channel 7.

  • : School hoax threats : Pete Priestley says:

    find the culprits and kill them

  • : School hoax threats : Nicole Dianne says:

    Modbury special school and modbury South had to be evacuated not happy

  • : School hoax threats : Samantha Buman says:

    Shaun Mathew Adams

  • : School hoax threats : Colleen Walker says:

    This is just despicable on so many levels. The perpetrators must be caught and severely punished. Can you imagine a world where bomb threats are a regular /daily occurrence across Australia? - ie the interruption into our children's education, plus creating a level of fear into our children. So American students have the trauma of mass shootings at school, now our kids are getting the fear & uncertainty of the unknown re bomb threats. Not nice. It's got to stop. Pranks is one sick, pathetic thing... but genuine mischief-making on a higher level (ie terror, thus terrorism), eek! Whatever, it's got to stop, especially with it continuing today.