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Should Minister Rankine resign over the Families SA abuse scandal?





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  • : Snake Farm : Laura Ey says:

    Matty Vegas

  • : Solar Problems : Juergen Baessler says:

    If he is Allowed to have any Solar at All, then find out what the limit he can put into the Grid and if he is restricted to say 20kw, then all he needs to do is Turn off 1 of the 10kw String's Over Peak time's.... Ie Spring thru to Autumn..

  • : Solar Problems : Linda Pollard says:

    It is tough enough for small businesses! Someone should be liable when they are given the wrong advice!

  • : Snake Farm : Anita Baze says:

    Good one helen ,no thought has been given .

  • : Snake Farm : Helen Forrest says:

    Who has given them permission to release 200 snakes into the area. It unbalances the native wildlife. Pythons eat birds and many other small creatures. This is a ridiculous amount of snakes to release in one area without consulting the community.

  • : Solar Problems : Gennaro Cavaiuolo says:

    I would like to comment on the story featured on TT, as I am in the industry I understand exactly what has occurred.In simple terms he should not have been sold a solar system alone, the fact is he is a high end user of power. Unlike most of us we pay a high amount per kw used and small amount of admin charges.This chap is in a different category where he pays little per kw but a lot of admin charges, to add salt to the wound SAPN (old etsa) have a clause that states..."if any business customer who has an existing connection point greater than 100 amps makes any alterations including any size solar system (seg) they will have their tariff changed to Voltage Stepped Demand Tariff" so in reality it was not that his system being a 30 kw was too large, had he even installed a 1 kw his bill would have gone up.Is this fair? I don't think so but SAPN would certainly argue the point. (South Australian Power Network) Therefore in conclusion the consultant did not understand the rules, even worst the company he worked for didn't understand, hence it is important to talk to someone who is experienced. I also wonder why the company was not named, is it because they cannot for legal reasons? or were they in fact some how not in the wrong. Ill be watching TT to see any updates. regards Gerry

  • : Solar Problems : Gennaro Cavaiuolo says:

    Firstly let me say I own a local Adelaide solar company.There is no doubt in my mind that solar works. In my experience if someone is not receiving a good return it can usually be traced back to a specific reason.I am happy to answer any questions relating to solar.

  • : Solar Problems : Gennaro Cavaiuolo says:

    It is interesting to hear so many varying comments.

  • : Solar Problems : Barney Cool says:

    Power outage, solar panels, still no power.. probably not worth the added hassle and money.. :( Proper solar power would be the way to go, charging up while the sun shines, power after dark.. Much like solar powered lights etc...

  • : Snake Farm : Nicole Rajan says:

    Mick Rajan

  • : Snake Farm : Simon Butterworth says:

    Here's the video we shot for the property owners http://youtu.be/BQBiqMmvNWg