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Reporter: Josh Fajzullin

Finding an anti-aging product that does what it claims to do can be a tiring and expensive process. Australian's spend 5 billion dollars a year on beauty products. And now there's a brand new range to hit our market claiming to cure our most common skin conditions one's even said to get rid of wrinkles without the needles. Josh Fajzullin has more.

They're Australia's newest antidotes to aging. And they claim to cure our most common skin conditions from acne to eczema, wrinkles to scars. But are the claims all hype?

Noaleen Dennis is in her 50's. She says she's been saved from years of wrinkles thanks to these sleeping patches. "All they are is little squares of paper they're a natural unbleached paper with some vegetable gum you wet them down with some rosewater spray you adhere them to your face and sleep with them overnight."

They were recommended to her as a teenager by a relative overseas today she's still smiling albeit with less wrinkles.

And finally Frownies have found their way here claiming to beat any lotion or potion by holding your skin taught when you're asleep at night.. so by day your wrinkles are smoother. Some say they could even work better than botox.

Horticulturalist Lynne Hawkes used to be ashamed of her aged and dry red hands. But not anymore "It actually does what the product claims to do it softens your skin." She said

The Essential Stuff product line includes hand creams, foot balms and body butters containing the healing antioxidant found in pomegranates.

Next in line is a remedy for those with sun-damaged skin and pigmentation. Noleen Wood was prescribed a medicated cream to strip back her skin. But treating that problem caused another.

She needed relief and found it in this natural product she says it cleared her skin in days. "Every product from the shampoo to the face creams the oils and serums are amazing."

Director of Simplicite Skin Care.. David Lyons said "What the products have are cosmetic active nutrients and they're there are very high levels so many ranges have such small amounts of these ingredients as to be totally ineffective."

Another product promoting plant oils is the Tamuskin range. It claim to treat eczema. Savanna Juhbeen had exhausted her chemist then a friend recommended this.

In our quest for beauty Australians splash out more than 13 billion dollars on health and beauty products every year that's almost $600 per person it's one of the largest retail sectors..
and every year new products hit the shelves but just how many of these newbies will do the job?

Dermatologist Doctor Michael Freeman assessed our products.. while all contain ingredients which will assist in skin care in his opinion you're better off waiting for them to be properly trialled. Like any product.

"Of the moisturisers this particular product the tamuskin is the most moisturizing. The antioxidants its hard to know which one of these the antioxidants will be more effective. The one with most potential if people are prepared to work hard are the frownies." Said Freeman

Our doctor says for maximum results you'd need to wear them by day.. and teach yourself to relax your facial muscles. As for moisturising creams he recommends looking for those with natural antioxidants niacinamide to help with pigmentation and pentapeptides and retnoids to prevent wrinkles.

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