Customer Service Tricks


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We've all wasted time sitting on the end of a phone, waiting for customer service.

It's frustrating and annoying and often those automated messages don't even give you the answers you want.

We reveal the little known tricks that allow you to jump the queue and speak to a real person.


When Telstra was made aware of the loss of landline service to Mrs Turek, we organised the delivery of a basic mobile phone which she could use free of charge while the issue was being resolved and also arranged for her landline service to be diverted to this interim service.

The cause of the problem appeared to have been a processing error by Telstra relating to a change in her caller ID display and we worked to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Telstra has apologised to the Turek family for any inconvenience caused during this time and will also apply a credit to her account for her loss of service.


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