Rodney Lohse, Reporter

Rodney Lohse has 20 years’ experience working as a reporter and producer throughout Australia in newspapers and television.

His extensive career has seen him cover significant stories such as: The Beaconsfield Mine Disaster, Beijing Olympics, slave labour conditions of workers making well-known Australian Brands and a series exposing the workings of major criminal enterprises in Melbourne.

Rodney has exposed corruption and animal abuse, lifting the lid on an extensive cock fighting ring in South Australia.
An expose on the killing of Julie Ramage by her husband in Victoria led to changes in the law in relation to provocation as a defence in that state.

A number of Rodney’s high profile stories have made international headlines including Australia’s worst road rage attack.

Rodney started with Today Tonight in 2001 in Adelaide and has worked in the Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne offices of channel 7 as a producer and presenter.

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