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It's the space age home you can live in today -- but that's not the best part; the house goes from slab to lock-up in ten days.

With an eight-star energy rating, Bondor's Geoff Marsdon says the InsulLiving Home is faster to build, cheaper and twice as energy efficient as your traditional home. "You're saving 50% per annum on your energy bills", Geoff said.

The house has energy savings built-in, it's so energy efficient it doesn't need solar panels. Australian power prices have almost doubled in the past five years and from July, the Carbon Tax will see them rise again. Geoff says this house can help you turn back the clock and slash your bills. "It's a traditional sort of technology that over the last 50 years has been used in cool rooms and freezers", he said.

The key component is the prefabricated panelling, insulation, sandwiched between two thin layers of metal sheeting and are cyclone rated, fire tested and up to five times stronger than traditional building materials.

They lock into place like a jigsaw puzzle, forming an airtight seal and can even be rendered and painted to resemble any other modern Australian home. "It means you can remove framing and other structural members from the house", Geoff said.

An average home takes 26 weeks to build, but this design can be finished two months quicker because the walls and floors fit together in just over a week – it saves thousands. "You're expecting a traditional house to cost around $200,000. The Insul-living type product will be in the order of $160 – 180,000", Geoff said.

Now the design has been tested and approved, it's on the market. Chris Jacobsen, his wife Jodie and their two children are the first to move in and will be reporting back to the company over the next 12 months. "Not only do we have to look at the positives, because there are a lot of positives to it, we have to look at the negatives as well, so the way that the materials perform", Geoff said.

"This is a new thing for the Australian market and it'll be interesting to see how the construction industry takes it up", said energy researcher, Wendy Miller.

Wendy's preliminary tests have been positive. She lived in the house for a week once it was built and says it was like living in a giant esky. "This type of house will allow you to be comfortable without having to buy your comfort through your electricity bills and running an air conditioner", Wendy said.

Australia's eight million homes are responsible for a tenth of our greenhouse gas emissions. Wendy believes current building practices are fast approaching their use by date and sees this as the next step in the journey towards zero energy housing. "I think this is one of the options for the future and a very good option for the future", she said.

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