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A heavy weight title no one wants to win. They weighed a whopping 350 kilos between them. A team effort and it has been a marathon finish for the Bower family.

65 year old Malcolm Bower shed 57 kilos and his wife Karen went from 84 kilos down to 64 kilos. Both losing the weight in 10 months.

Malcolm said, "I feel great, it is hard to describe who good i actually feel".

Linda said, "It did help doing it with the family we were all there to support each other so if we had a down day or we wanted to talk about it we had each other there to support".

The couple tried everything to lose the kilos, counting points, shakes and even food delivery, spending thousands to tray and buy that winning edge.

"I don't know how many different shakes we tried but you would lose weight with them but you wouldn't sustain it. You would have to come back to proper eating again afterwards and we failed every time", said Malcolm.

And Linda, "We were always the family that had desert after dinner and that was most nights it was a pattern that was your mind set of what a meal was or how you ate".

Daughter, Linda learned unhealthy eating habits from an early age, it was the birth of her son that gave her the wakeup call she needed.

Linda said,"I think I realised I needed to do something more that I knew my son was getting older and I didn't want to be the big mum at school. I wanted to run around with him and be active with him and do things".

Willing to give it one last shot, the Bowers signed up to weight l loss program – Body Trim and have been setting personal best results for two years,

Body Trim works in three phases.

Phase 1 – carb detox which is three days of protein only.

Phase2 – three meals and three snacks a day.
Phase 3 – weight maintenance carbs and protein with bigger portions.

"I am very proud of my family I have shown a lot of friends the pictures of my dad and they just can't believe how much he has changed", said Linda.

We first met Margo Brunswick last year. Back then she had lost 91 kilos but now she has won the race joining the 100k Weight Loss Club.

At her heaviest, she weighed 190 kilos and she has now lost 104 kilos by drinking diet supplement shakes – Isowhey.

Margo said, "I got it home and I tried it and about three weeks down the road I thought, I feel perkier. this stuff is working".

Author of "lose Weight Fast", Susie Burrell says fad diet are not the answer. There are health and just as effective alternatives.

Susie said, "A promise of a quick fix is enough to draw anybody in because it sounds fantastic. One of the simplest things you can do is make a soup each week for the family also make sure you have fresh fruit and vegetables on hand to eat well. Soups smell delicious and are so easy to make and if you replace a few meals with it you will lose kilos without spending money on any expensive weight loss programs.