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There's a real sting in this tale of medical miracles.

Since we first told you about Stephen Tiong's unorthodox treatment more than a year ago, he's helped scores of people who'd resigned themselves to living with chronic pain and taking all kinds of prescribed drugs, like Deanne Hansell.

"Before I came to see Stephen I couldn't hang washing, I couldn't lift my arms or bend. If I dropped something the kids would have to pick it up. Little movement and a lot of pain. I went from 70kg to 120kgs. I gave up on life. I sat and watched tv," Deanne told us.

After a couple of sessions Deanne became active once again and the weight's just peeled off.

Whilst it looks painful, Stephen explains "it will be unbearable to some people but I have hundreds come through here. Everybody puts up with the pain. Nobody has ever walked out on me and, at the end of the day, thanking me very much."

Like Carradine Farley. The frenetic drummer with 'New Season Black' thought his playing days were numbered after years of wildly smashing those drum sticks.

It was looking a little like career over said Carradine, "I couldn't play any longer than half an hour before it started to hurt, then I had to stop and take a big break from playing drums."

When conventional medicine and treatments failed, Carradine went to Adelaide Kung Fu master Stephen Tiong who practices an ancient art of healing where he whacks your muscles with a bamboo stick.

It's not just your stock standard bamboo stick either. The super-smooth whacking wands come from the jungles of Borneo.

He taps the skin hundreds of times to bring toxins from the muscle tissue to the surface.

Then that nasty stuff is massaged and cleaned out and the body begins healing itself. But don't go trying to do this yourself, you need to be trained in the ancient Chinese Shaolin Martial Arts to know the secret and there's only two in the world who do it. The old Grand Master of Wung Chu back in China, and his pupil Master Stephen.

Stephen is actually an Architect by trade, and a good one at that, but this skill's been passed down through the centuries.

It's not for wimps but it's worked wonders for Carradine.

"It did scare me a bit but after the first session, straight away no pain at all. I noticed my arms are stronger. Now I play harder than what I used to," he said.

In terms of the treatment Stephen tells us, "each probably requires one treatment, after that massage yourself which I teach you. I call it sms. Stretching, massaging, strengthening. If you can do that all the time you don't have to see me again."

"I have six doctors who have been here and received this treatment, and it worked for all of them. I even got a reference from one of them," said Stephen.

Mary Dinevski is another success story.

"I visited many specialists and exhausted what could be done and I only visited Stephen 3 times."

Now Stephen is winging his way to the United States to treat rich and famous clients of a New York doctor who saw our story on You Tube.

Among them, Stevie Wonder. Stephen Tiong also reckons he can fix the back problems that plague Hollywood stars Liz Taylor and Sharon Stone.

His contact number is 0412 388 811 or email: