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"My name is Kent Grogan but most people know me as 'Grogsy' ''Groges' or the 'Grogs Monster' and I'm the director and owner of Broo premium lager

I wanted to create a beer that is owned by Australians for Australia and make it the best representation of Australia that I could"

Jackie "For knockabout Aussie Kent Grogan, life's all about family, mates and the liquid amber

Kent "Probably drinking beer has been the constant in my background - but there's been a bit of everything - I've worked in the mines, I have been a dishwasher, I've been a bouncer at various stages, I've done a bit of labouring, finance, I've tried to trade shares, I invented a soup trolley but the one constant in my entire life has been beer."

Jackie "It was here in his mate Jason Goodwin's shed that Grogsy announced his plan to tackle the big boys head on ..."

Jason "and he said I'm going to start my own beer company and I laughed at him and as mates, I said yeah yeah good on ya. Two years later it was in the local pubs local bottle shops and its just unbelievable.'"

Jackie "After selling the family home to finance his dream, Grogsy can hardly keep up with demand ..

Kent "I suppose I saw a position in the market where we've got close to 50% of all of Australian beer thats foreign owned at the moment ... strong iconic brands such as Fourex... Tooheys ... and Boags and to be honest I was a little bit outraged by thatÂ…'

Jackie "Aussie icons now owned by Japanese multinational Kirin ...

Kent "it's devastating and we just need to take control of that and that's what I'm trying to do

Jackie "Now with Fosters a take-over target, Grogsy is determined that Broo will remain 100% Australian owned

Kent "in fact we have just changed our constitution that dictates that this company can never transfer shares to any company or individual that resides in a foreign jurisdiction.

Jackie "Not only that he wants fellow beer lovers to share the dream ... in 2011 Grogsy will give away 10% of his preservative free broodliful Broo

Kent "We're going to be offering 10 free shares in the company for buying one carton of Broo online from Australia day forward next year. All they have to do is buy a carton of beer and they can become a legitimate shareholder, in fact they're full voting right shares, exactly the same shares as mine - you cant get any better than that!

Jackie "And let me assure my fellow gin and tonic fans - its not a bad brew ...

Jason "he's managed to pull it off him and Kelly they've got no staff just mates helping them out spreading the word and its unbelievable what he's achieved

Kent "At the moment we've got our six pack in stubbies and we're about to launch cans and we're also about to bring out a mid strength and potentially a light next year as well so there's lots of things happening but at the moment we're just concentrating on the best premium lager in the country"

"Broo beer is available at independent liquor stores and in Coles liquor stores, beer lovers can pre register for Grogsy's shares offer on his website"