Eczema Diets


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Why changing your child’s diet could help cure their eczema.

The Eczema Life Clinic Program Overview
12-week diet: low/no salicylates, amines, MSG, low sugar and no artificial additives. Swap dairy for a calcium supplement. Swap wheat for spelt, oats, quinoa, buckwheat and low-GI rice (gluten-free only if diagnosed). Gentle foods to improve gut health.
It is modified to suit our patients allergies/sensitivities. Our aim is to strengthen the person’s health so they can gradually eat a wider variety of foods.
What to eat daily (servings):
2 x quality protein/meats/fish (fat cut off)
3 x quality carbohydrates (low GI)
5+ low salicylate vegetables
2 x low salicylate fruits
1 x omega-3 rich flaxseeds and/or chia seeds
How the Eczema Life Clinic program differs:
Our program shuns sugar-rich junk, dairy and wheat. Our program is not ‘lifetime avoidance’ – it’s designed to slowly reverse sensitivities and allergies so patients can eat a wider range of foods.
Our program uses non-salicylate multi-vitamin/mineral supplements to prevent nutritional deficiencies and reduce inflammation. Each month patients do a food challenge test (ie. amine challenge) to re-introduce new foods.

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